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Made to Order 

PNG Memorabilia T with Rhinestones (UPDATED)


NEW  Message: Based on the newly distributed guidance from AKA, who as an organization does not formally endorse candidates but encourages all to vote, we are offering TWO options for or Ts for members of the Sorority to remain in compliance and wishes. PinkNGreenGirl will make this general campaign shirt with the 1) traditional RWB USA Colors (Howard's Colors)  and 2) PINK and Green  lettering (memorabilia).  This page is for the PINK AND GREEN Shirt.


The PNG "MEMORALBILIA"  T is to commemorate the special occasion of the Kamala Harris appointment, we will feature the same T in beautiful pink and green text but with .NO Ivy (including the plant ivy which I use as opposed to the trademarked ivy)...we don't want any confusion as Corporate has asked for no symbols on campaign Ts. Pink and green are universal colors (and also happens to be the name of my business), so the colors with our shirts are fine per the document distributed by the Sorority. This  option is considered the Limited Edition "MEMORALBILIA" T. 


Only a few LEFT...can be made to order but may not receive before Election Day (unless ordered by 10/27)


Front Design ONLY

  • Glitter - 2 Colors PINK/Silver  / Memorabilia T (Pink and Green)
  • Arm press with Stars and 2020
  • Select Vneck 
  • We will NOW feature Upscale RHINESTONES around the swoop

Sizes 2xl - UPCHARGE $3
Sizes 3xl+ - UPCHARGE $5



Many Tshirt suppliers are currently out of XL-3xl Ladies FITTED styles and shipments to us have been very delayed. WE will substitute a men's unisex M, L, and 2XL for the FITTED versions of XL Ladies FITTED (Men's M), 2XL Ladies Fitted (Large Men's) and 3XL Ladies Fitted (XL Men's) if the supplier does not have the ladies sizes. Men's styles come in VNECK up through Size 2XL (3xl + is ONLY on a crewneck). We will contacted you FIRST via email if we need to substitute. If we do not hear back within 24 hours, we will assume this substitution is fine. 



Likewise, 4xl and 5xl Men's Ts are currently on backorder and not available. 


Please Note: a 3xl FITTED is comparable to a Men's/Unisex XL (if you want it to feel fitted/tight); a 3xl Ladies Regular Fit is comparable to a Men's/Unisex 2XL. Please use measurement charts to see where you fall by clicking pictures.  View larger chart sizes in the FAQs page.



Biden- Harris PINK Swoop (Black or White T)

  • Wash inside-out, genle cycle...LOW HEAT (or no heat) to dry.

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