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Teacher Ts

Our Specialty /Graphic Tees, along with Custom Masks are available for the FABULOUS Educators who are always ESSENTIAL!

Welcome AMLE and Happy Shopping!

Blinging Ts offers TWO Types of Tees for our Educators!


1. BLINGwear: We offer Specialty Ts/Masks that are designed with GLITTER and Rhinestones. If this speaks to YOU, then make your purchases right here on the website.  


2. Screenprint/Matte Ts: In most cases, we can create the same design T in screenprint (non-glitter material) for those who don't like to bling so much. If you require a non-glitter/rhinestone T, please purchase the design as shown and then in notes, request "SCREENPRINT ONLY". 


*Please complete our CONTACT FORM (below) before leaving our page. You will be automatically entered into our monthly drawing. Also, if your school team are interested in a  CUSTOM group order, just let us know. We'd be happy to design something fantatstic for your school, grade level or subject team!


*Due to COVID 19 slowdowns in receiving/shipping Tshirt materials, our items are now Made-to-Order and are usually shipped  7-10 BUSINESS DAYS after placing order. 

So, whatever YOUR style of T...Blinging Ts aims to accommodate! 

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