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Blinging Ts Booth $701 - 54th National Convention New Orleans, LA

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Blinging Ts is an online apparel shop that includes general items, Greek inspired, and are an approved licensed and E-Commerce  Vendor of  Delta Sigma Sorority, Inc.


Please "stay tuned" for upcoming Pop-up Virtual Shops and don't forget to join our Guest Book.

Blinging Ts Booth #701 - New Orleans, LA

If you are looking to place a group order for a unique, upscale Bling/Glitter design for an upcoming DELTAversary, Homecoming, DST Soror Trip, or your chapter, just contact us at info@BlingingTs.comFor a rhinestone design, we require a minimum of 25 orders and for a Glitter design, 10 minimum items are required. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the next event.

Genuine Italian Leather Purses

Adult  Boutique Styles Ts (Limited/Exclusive Selections)

Boutique Items
Adult Ts

Adult Ts


DST Accessories

Kid Ts

Kid Ts
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