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Made to Order -

Front and Back Design


This item brandishes the colors of the Divine Nine - Black Greek Letter Ogranizations and shows that we have EACH OTHER'S BACK! We are a part of the SISTERHOOD.


Glitter - 2 Colors (Hot Pink, Silver, and Light Pink for "HER")

Black T Only

Sizes 2xl - UPCHARGE $3
Sizes 3xl+ - UPCHARGE $5


Please Note: Many Tshirt suppliers are out of XL-3xl LAdies FITTED styles. WE will substitute a men's unisex M, L, and 2XL for the FITTED versions of XL Ladies FITTED (Men's M), 2XL Ladies Fitted (Large Men's) and 3XL Ladies Fitted (XL Men's) if the supplier does not have the ladies sizes. Men's styles come in VNECK up through Size 2XL (3xl + is ONLY on a crewneck)



Likewise, 4xl and 5xl Men's Ts are currently on backorder and not available. 


Please Note: a 3xl FITTED is comparable to a Men's/Unisex XL (if you want it to feel fitted/tight); a 3xl Ladies Regular Fit is comparable to a Men's/Unisex 2XL. Please use measurement charts to see where you fall by clicking pictures.  View larger chart sizes in the FAQs page.


We Have Her Back- 1 Color Cancel Save

  • Wash inside-out, genle cycle...LOW HEAT (or no heat) to dry.

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